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In this section are films that deal with more serious themes, such as crime, passion, troubled romance and hard-hitting human stories.

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  • Elle l'adore

    Elle l'adore

  • Les Anarchistes

    Les Anarchistes

  • Hors la loi

    Hors la loi

  • Un prophete

    Un prophete

  • Mediterranea


  • Chaos


  • Jalousie

    La jalousie

  • Suzanne


  • Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

    Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

  • Mal de pierres

    Mal de pierres

  • La Proie

    La Proie

  • 11.6


  • La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

    La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

  • Les cowboys

    Les cowboys

  • Après le sud

    Après le sud

  • Chocolat


  • L'Atessa


  • La fille inconnue

    La fille inconnue

  • Belle de jour

    Belle de Jour

  • La femme tranquille

    La femme tranquille

  • Un peuple et son roi

    Un peuple et son roi

  • Belleville Story

    Belleville Story

  • Nelly


  • 1905

    1905 - The Winds of Passion

  • Frères Ennemis

    Frères Ennemis (Close Enemies)

  • L'Été meurtrier

    L'Été meurtrier

  • Les fantômes d'Israël

    Les fantômes d'Israël

  • Guillaume, la jeunesses du conquérant

    Guillaume, la jeunesse du conquérant

  • Une saison en France

    Une saison en France


La Proie
La Proie
Franck Adrien, a convicted bank robber, shares a cell with John-Louis Maurel, who's been accused of rape but professes his innocence. Adrien is the only one who knows where a bank heist loot is hidden. When it transpires that Maurel is to be released, because his accuser has supposedly retracted her evidence, Adrien asks him to convey a message to his wife, this being a coded message that will allow her to find the loot.

Maurel, however, is far from innocent, and he and his wife collude to abscond with Adrien's young daughter, illegally adopting her as their own child, while also making off with the bank money. Adrien is visited by a former gendarme who tells him of his fears about Maurel being a serial sex offender. Worried for his family's safety, Adrien escapes prison and sets out to find Maurel.

Maurel, however, sets things up to frame Adrien as the sex offender, and a major police operation is put in place to arrest him. Clare Linné is the officer in charge, who at a certain point begins to suspect that Adrien isn't perhaps guilty of the crimes, but her boss is not convinced.

A cat and mouse situation unfolds as Adrien pursues Maurel while Linné pursues Adrien. It's pretty gripping stuff, ending in the village of Chassaigne (in real life Sospel) where Maurel has bought a house and is acting as a good neighbour, despite killing another 16-year-old girl and an innocent man who happens to get in the way.

The ending is a cliff-hanger (literally) and one is left with a half-answered question as to what happened to Adrien, although the very last scene provides us with a good clue.
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