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In this section are films that deal with more serious themes, such as crime, passion, troubled romance and hard-hitting human stories.

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  • Elle l'adore

    Elle l'adore

  • Les Anarchistes

    Les Anarchistes

  • Hors la loi

    Hors la loi

  • Un prophete

    Un prophete

  • Mediterranea


  • Chaos


  • Jalousie

    La jalousie

  • Suzanne


  • Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

    Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

  • Mal de pierres

    Mal de pierres

  • La Proie

    La Proie

  • 11.6


  • La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

    La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

  • Les cowboys

    Les cowboys

  • Après le sud

    Après le sud

  • Chocolat


  • L'Atessa


  • La fille inconnue

    La fille inconnue

  • Belle de jour

    Belle de Jour

  • La femme tranquille

    La femme tranquille

  • Un peuple et son roi

    Un peuple et son roi

  • Belleville Story

    Belleville Story

  • Nelly


  • 1905

    1905 - The Winds of Passion

  • Frères Ennemis

    Frères Ennemis (Close Enemies)

  • L'Été meurtrier

    L'Été meurtrier

  • Les fantômes d'Israël

    Les fantômes d'Israël

  • Guillaume, la jeunesses du conquérant

    Guillaume, la jeunesse du conquérant

  • Une saison en France

    Une saison en France


Les cowboys
Les cowboys
The title of this film is perhaps a bit misleading. Certainly there are cowboys, of the French variety, these being people in a rural area who have an affinity with the cowboy life, dressing up accordingly for the occasional gatherings where the usual cowboy fare is on offer. It is all harmless fun. At one such gathering the Ballard family are seen enjoying themselves. We have the father, Alain, Nicole, his wife, their son Georges (aka Kid) and daughter Kelly.

Alain is clearly is very fond of his daughter, as we see him dancing tenderly with her. But later in the day they realise that she is nowhere to be seen. After questioning some of her friends, it transpires that she had a boyfriend, Ahmed, a fact not known to the family. When she doesn't turn up Alain visits Ahmed's father, and also goes to the police, who aren't particularly helpful. In time it becomes known that she has left with Ahmed, and this sets Alain off on a mission to find her.

The years pass and with Georges now a young man he and his father continue the search, although Georges is less committed than his father. Kelly has previously let the family know that she doesn't want to be found and that she has a new life. They also learn that she has a child. None of this dissuades Alain who becomes more and more obsessed. Georges finally refuses to help any more and tragedy strikes when his father falls asleep at the wheel of his car.

We next see Georges helping an aid organisation in Pakistan, this being a means of pursuing the search for his sister. He has in effect taken up his father's mission, perhaps belatedly realising that his father was right. A series of events lead to Georges returning home with with a muslim woman, Shazana, who was Ahmed's wife, Kelly having left Ahmed. The cowboy community will not accept Shazana, as feelings were running high in America after the 9/11 atrocity.

This film was presented at the 2015 Cannes Festival and received largely favourable reviews. It is considered to be a contemporary interpretation of John Ford's great western, The Searchers.
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