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In this section are films that deal with more serious themes, such as crime, passion, troubled romance and hard-hitting human stories.

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  • Elle l'adore

    Elle l'adore

  • Les Anarchistes

    Les Anarchistes

  • Hors la loi

    Hors la loi

  • Un prophete

    Un prophete

  • Mediterranea


  • Chaos


  • Jalousie

    La jalousie

  • Suzanne


  • Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

    Au nom de ma fille (Kalinka)

  • Mal de pierres

    Mal de pierres

  • La Proie

    La Proie

  • 11.6


  • La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

    La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

  • Les cowboys

    Les cowboys

  • Apr├Ęs le sud

    Après le sud

  • Chocolat


  • L'Atessa


  • La fille inconnue

    La fille inconnue

  • Belle de jour

    Belle de Jour

  • La femme tranquille

    La femme tranquille

  • Un peuple et son roi

    Un peuple et son roi

  • Belleville Story

    Belleville Story

  • Nelly


  • 1905

    1905 - The Winds of Passion


This film is based on the true story of an audacious robbery carried out by Toni Musulin, an employee at a security company. He is a complex individual who likes expensive cars and practises Krav Maga. He buys a Ferrari f430 Spider for 92,000€, which we are led to believe was funded from hard-earned savings, amassed no doubt because his wife runs a bar and his money remains his own. Their relationship isn't brilliant.

As a security guard he is a conscientious employee, but he feels that he isn't valued by his boss and you can see his frustration building as the story unfolds. As a consequence he plots an audacious robbery. Once he has decided on the heist he distances himself from his wife and his normal work partners so as to not implicate them. Then, with meticulous planning, and reliance on the very poor procedures at his security company, he literally just drives off with 11.6€ million, thus the title of the film.

These events took place in 2009, after the financial crash of 2008, and far from being regarded as a criminal he was actually admired by a lot of people - a Robin Hood sort of character - although his motives were nothing to do with being a robber of the rich to give to the poor.

He ultimately hands himself in to the police in Monaco. You get the feeling that the police officer who interviews him is also showing more admiration than disrespect for him, as he points out that as he has no arrest warrant, Musulin could just walk out.

I won't spoil the ending!
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