Many people have a yearning to be able to speak a foreign language, envying those who have this ability. The author had this yearning from an early age, but it wasn’t until retirement that he committed to becoming fluent in French. He was soon to realise that, like any skill, learning to speak a foreign language involves hard work and dedication. He found that most courses and home-learning programmes suffered from one big disadvantage. They didn’t really prepare you to speak to the French!

Faced with this obvious shortcoming, he researched other options for improvement. His story, for that is what this book is based on, recounts experiences with linguistic partners, lodging with a French family, attending an immersion course in Nice, and researching the wealth of material, much of it free, that is now available to help the aspiring French speaker improve.

The author reviews the basic elements of language from a very practical perspective, starting with English in order to demystify some of the technical terms, before delving into elements of the French language. This book is not a complete French course but is aimed at providing you with a pathway, encouragement and support to persevere. It distils the personal experience of somebody who has experimented with different approaches, and who has discovered what was beneficial, and what was less so. Most importantly, it provides a realistic context, something often lacking in commercial learning programmes, where the promises are rarely matched by the reality when you ultimately come face to face with a native French speaker.
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