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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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Lawless French
C'est or Il est ?
"The French expressions c’est and il est can be tricky because they are synonymous but not interchangeable. Which one to use depends less on meaning than it does on grammar."
Le Robert Correcteur
Le Robert Correcteur
A few years ago I bought the Le Robert Correcteur. It is a spelling and grammar checker for French, something that is incredibly useful if one has the intention of writing in French. But circumstances have conspired to cause me to consider an alternative.

Conversational French
Impersonal verbs
"Most verbs are personal: they must be conjugated for different grammatical persons, such as aller (to go): je vais (I go), tu vas (you go), etc. But some verbs are used impersonally, meaning they have only one conjugation, the third person singular. This is usually the impersonal subject pronoun il, meaning it."
Lawless French
Indefinite adverbs
"Talking about indefinite concepts can be tricky in a foreign language, yet indefinite adverbs are rarely covered as a specific topic in class. Instead, students tend to pick them up randomly here and there as needed. I think it’s more helpful to consider them as a group."
Lawless French
"In French, whenever a word ending in a consonant sound is followed by a vowel or h muet, that consonant sound is transferred onto the next word. This euphonic technique is called enchaînement ."
Les temps du passé
Forming the past tense in French can be a challenge for those learning the language, in particular deciding whether to use the past perfect (passé composé) or the imperfect (imparfait).

In this video Boris, a teacher at the alpha.b language school in Nice, provides what is to my mind one of the best explanations that I've come across.
Mon coach Bescherelle
Mon coach Bescherelle is a learning app that is aimed at improving French grammar and spelling. It seeks to address a problem whereby native speakers are known to make many mistakes in the written language, which should give those of us learning French as a second language some comfort.
Mais où doit-on placer l'adverbe ?
In English we can be quite flexible when placing adverbs. No doubt there are grammar rules, but we don't seem to be too bothered if these are flexed.

In French, however, we have to be more precise.

In this video Patricia at Parlez-Vous Français takes us through the basics.
Lequel, auquel et duquel
Français Authentique is another resource that I recommend.
Johan was one of the first online tutors I followed, and although I now spread my time across numerous resources, I shall always be grateful to him for his clear and interesting podcasts.

In this video he describes the use of the relative pronoun lequel and its derivatives. These are pronouns that you may find confusing but Johan's explanation is both brief and clear.

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