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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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Oral Comprehension
Dix stratégies pour échouer en compréhension orale
A somewhat unusual approach from Commun francais setting out ten strategies that will cause you to fail at oral comprehension, rather than tips on how to succeed.

This is not as daft as it might sound since we all sometimes do things with the best intentions that hinder rather than help our progress.
Spoken French
French Today - Spoken French
French Today is a useful resource if you want to learn about French as it is spoken by the French. This article compares modern spoken French with written French, that's to say what many people are taught when they learn the language. And, of course, having learnt French as it is written, it's hardly surprising that it comes as quite a shock when you encounter a French person speaking how they normally speak, which is quite different.
La peau de chagrin
La peau de chagrin (☞imdb)
A mystic tale from the novel by Honoré de Balzac sees a young author enter a pact that will change his life by granting his every wish but at the cost of shortening it each time a wish is made.

You can find my short review in the LightDrama section of my cinema pages.
Guillaume, la jeunesse du conquérant
Guillaume, la jeunesse du conquérant (☞imdb)
The story of William the Conqueror's youth. A struggle for survival as those who contested his right to succession plot to thwart his claim while his supporters endeavour to protect him.

You can find my short review in the Drama section of my cinema pages.
La (nouvelle) guerre de boutons
La (nouvelle) guerre des boutons (☞imdb)
Based on the book by Louis Pergaud published in 1912 and set in rural France, this film features a 'war' between rival gangs of kids from neighbouring villages. Play escalates into violence and removing the buttons from the other side's captives represents the spoils of war.

You can find my short review in the Light Drama section of my cinema pages.
Comment prononcer le mot PLUS
Comment prononcer le mot PLUS
French is without doubt quite a difficult language to master and pronunciation is especially challenging for us native English speakers. Besides the difficulty of producing the right sounds, there are such things as liaison and silent letters to consider. And, occasionally, we meet a word like PLUS, which is pronounced differently depending on the grammatical context.
Les saveurs du Palais
Les saveurs du Palais (☞imdb)
When an unknown woman is brought to the Élysée Palace to be the President's personal cook, feathers are well and truly ruffled. But he likes her, and her food. Based on a true story.

You can find my short review in the Comedy section of my cinema pages.
Les fantômes d'Israël
Les fantômes d'Ismaël (☞imdb)
Ismaël is a troubled film director whose life, briefly uplifted by a new romance, descends into chaos when his wife, who disappeared 21 years before, returns. A very complicated film!

You can find my short review in the Drama section of my cinema pages.
La Belle Époque
La Belle Époque (☞imdb)
Victor, thrown out by his wife, relives the day in 1974 when he met the love of his life in a café in Lyon. A realistic re-enactment staged by the director friend of his son, during which Victor falls in love all over again.

You can find my short review in the Romance section of my cinema pages.
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