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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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Un peuple et son roi
Un peuple et son roi (☞imdb)
For many people I guess the story of the French Revolution is the storming of the Bastille and the guillotining of Louis XVI. But a great deal happened between these two events. This film fills in the gap.

You can find my review in the Drama section of my Cinema pages.
Language Fluency
How do we measure language fluency?
If you mention to somebody that you speak a foreign language the response often will be to ask whether you are fluent. But what is fluency?

This article considers that question.
Le Robert Correcteur
Le Robert Correcteur
A few years ago I bought the Le Robert Correcteur. It is a spelling and grammar checker for French, something that is incredibly useful if one has the intention of writing in French. But circumstances have conspired to cause me to consider an alternative.

Un homme à la hauteur
Un homme à la hauteur (☞imdb)
Diane, an attractive lawyer, accepts a date over the phone from a charming man who picked up her mobile after she left it in a restaurant. But she's in for a mild shock when they meet, he being only 4 feet 6 inches tall!

You can find my review in the Comedy section of my Cinema pages.
Le retour du heros
Le retour du héros (☞imdb)
Captain Neuville, an incorrigible womaniser, leaves his fiancée, Pauline, behind as he goes to war. Elisabeth, the elder sister, pens letters from the Captain to keep her sister's spirits up, but things get complicated when the Captain returns.

You can find my review in the Comedy section of my Cinema pages.
Belle de Jour
La femme tranquille (☞imdb)
Louise, a bar owner in wartime France, unwillingly becomes involved with the Resistance when she helps an injured British paratrooper.

You can find my review in the Drama section of my Cinema pages.
Belle de Jour
Belle de Jour (☞imdb)
Belle de Jour is regarded as a classic of French cinema and I recently watched it on Amazon Prime. You can find my review in the Drama section of my Cinema pages.
TechDico translation app

Multilingual technical dictionary

TechDico translation assistant
The company that markets this application brought it to my attention. It is a technical dictionary incorporating a translation assistant that aims to provide results more relevant to detected fields of activity, with the option to select manually a chosen field. It can deal with technical words and phrases using a number of professional translation resources to provide examples of usage.
Les Locutions Latines

Les 47 locutions latines les plus utilisées par les francophones

Les locutions Latines
An article in French from the site La Langue française. We are told that these 47 locutions, or phrases, are omnipresent in French literature, being used to show culture and refinement. But in some cases the usage has become so popular that they are now used naturally in the day to day language.
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