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Bonjour, and welcome to what I hope is an eclectic mix of French content that reflects my day to day encounters with news, commentary and learning materials, mainly from a variety of francophone sources that I follow on social media.
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The titles of posts relating to films link to the IMDb site where more details can be found.


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Apple Dictionary
Apple Mac Dictionary
If you have an Apple Mac then you already have a French-English dictionary ready to use. Just open the Dictionary App and go to Preferences.
Le Robert Correcteur
Le Robert Correcteur
A few years ago I bought the Le Robert Correcteur. It is a spelling and grammar checker for French, something that is incredibly useful if one has the intention of writing in French. But circumstances have conspired to cause me to consider an alternative.

TechDico translation app

Multilingual technical dictionary

TechDico translation assistant
The company that markets this application brought it to my attention. It is a technical dictionary incorporating a translation assistant that aims to provide results more relevant to detected fields of activity, with the option to select manually a chosen field. It can deal with technical words and phrases using a number of professional translation resources to provide examples of usage.
Drops app
Podcast Français Facile
Podcasts are great listening practice and this site offers a large number of dialogues at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It is also possible to select content based on the DELF levels A1 through to C1.
Drops app
Yet another app to help you with your French. This time it’s dedicated to vocabulary. As is increasingly the case these days, it’s subscription based with limited free content to entice you in. However, with five minutes of free content a day it provides you with a useful regular vocabulary refresher. There are prompts inviting you to upgrade to a subscription and occasional advertisements.
News in Slow French
News in Slow French
The short video on the home page of this site offers you a way of moving on from a plateau, that's to say you've reached a certain level but want to improve. The idea is to achieve a degree of immersion by listening to the daily news.
Mon coach Bescherelle
Mon coach Bescherelle is a learning app that is aimed at improving French grammar and spelling. It seeks to address a problem whereby native speakers are known to make many mistakes in the written language, which should give those of us learning French as a second language some comfort.
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